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sweet_texan's Journal

Fred Burkle
5 December 1980
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Fred Burkle

Winifred Burkle was born in 1978 in Dallas, Texas to Roger and Trish Burkle. When she reached adulthood and graduated from high school, Fred moved to Los Angeles for college. Originally majoring in history, Fred took a physics class with Professor Seidel which inspired her to take another path. Around this time, Fred began working at Stewart Brunell Public Library. In 1996, while shelving a demon language book, a curious Fred recited the cryptic text out loud and was accidentally sucked into a dimensional portal to Lorne's homeland, Pylea. It was later discovered that it was actually opened by Fred's jealous college professor, Professor Seidel, who had sent every promising student to it; essentially sending them to their death.

For five years, Fred spent an arduous life as a "cow" - the Pylean equivalent of a slave. The harsh life of solitude and serfdom took a serious toll on her social skills, as well as her mental health. However, her salvation came when Angel and his crew arrived in Pylea to find Cordelia Chase, who had become trapped there. When Pylea was liberated, Fred accompanied Angel and company back to Los Angeles and stayed in his hotel to readjust to life on Earth and regain her mental stability. Despite several traumatic instances, Fred adjusted quite well to “normal” life. Her knowledge of physics and mathematics make her an excellent asset when researching and developing strategies. She quickly developed (and ended) a romantic relationship with Charles Gunn. Unknown to her at the time, she was also the object of affection of Wesley Wyndham-Price, who nobly stepped aside and gave Gunn his blessing.

However, everything changed for Fred upon joining Wolfram & Hart. Getting her own laboratory and being the head of the Science Division, Fred never felt more comfortable with her life. A major asset to the team, Angel consistently relied on her department to quickly and efficiently solve problems. Despite teasing around a relationship with her co-worker Knox, she finally noticed Wesley's feelings and returned them. Unfortunately, the couple's happiness was not to last. One day, a mysterious sarcophagus, allowed through customs by a signature from Gunn, appeared in the lab. As Fred examined it, a hole opened in the cover and a breath of wind blew into her face.

The wind carried an infection that got into her blood and infected her in a way simular to that of a vampire infection. She is still alive but it changed her into something else. Her senses and reactions heighten in her other form, as does her strength and rate of healing, but she does not like to stay in her other form.

((She looks like Illryia but can not open portals or the other things that she does, but she has the same powers. Being Human/Demons stopps her from being able to open portals and she still has her humanity and feelings.))

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